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On Jul 17, 2022, at 11:09 AM, Francois-Xavier Le Bail 
<devel.fx.leb...@orange.fr> wrote:

> Remain some stuff about 'struct in6_addr'. Any need to keep them?
> $ git grep -l 'struct in6_addr'
> CMakeLists.txt
> cmakeconfig.h.in
> config.h.in
> configure
> configure.ac
> netdissect-stdinc.h

That's there for the benefit of OSes whose APIs don't have standard IPv6 
support; if there are any left that we care about (or if there are old non-IPv6 
versions we care about for any OSes we support), then it might be useful, but 
I'm not sure it would build (we use gethostbyaddr(), so *maybe* it'll compile, 
and maybe gethostbyaddr() will fail when passed AF_INET6 and the code will just 
show the IPv6 address rather than a name).

Should we care about it, or should we just drop support for OSes lacking native 
IPv6 support in 5.0?

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