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> AF_INET6 looks a bit more convoluted.  There is some code that uses
> AF_INET6 to dissect wire encoding, which is usually a wrong idea.  For
> example, pimv2_addr_print() switches on AF_INET and AF_INET6, and the
> PIMv2 header encoding (RFC 4601 Section 4.9.1) clearly says the AF is
> the IANA AF [1]:
> 1: IP
> 2: IP6

And RFC 7761:


says the same thing.

> Which is different from most OS definitions of AF_INET and AF_INET6,
> but this function has been implemented this way since 1999, and somehow
> it seems to be able to decode a few PIMv2 packet captures I found on
> the Internet.  So cases like this will require more attention and some
> of the remaining AF_INET6 instances may become wire encoding constants
> rather than the OS AF_INET6 constant.

That's handled by the code at the beginning of pimv2_addr_print():

        if (addr_len == 0) {
                if (len < 2)
                        goto trunc;
                switch (GET_U_1(bp)) {
                case 1:
                        af = AF_INET;
                        addr_len = (u_int)sizeof(nd_ipv4);
                case 2:
                        af = AF_INET6;
                        addr_len = (u_int)sizeof(nd_ipv6);
                        return -1;
                if (GET_U_1(bp + 1) != 0)
                        return -1;
                hdrlen = 2;
        } else {
                switch (addr_len) {
                case sizeof(nd_ipv4):
                        af = AF_INET;
                case sizeof(nd_ipv6):
                        af = AF_INET6;
                        return -1;
                hdrlen = 0;

so, after that code, af is either AF_INET for IPv4 addresses or AF_INET6 for 
IPv6 addresses, and af is what's tested against those two values.

So the code is correct, but could easily be misintrpreted.  Perhaps it'd be 
better if we used the values from af.h rather than using AF_INET and AF_INET6.  
(And perhaps the values from af.h should be renamed AFNUM_IPv4 and AFNUM_IPv6, 
to make them look even less like socket API AF_ values.)
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