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The commit fbd44158e0d5e6bb0c9b05671f702ebcf68cc56d was:
    Mend "make check" on Solaris 9 (Autoconf only).
    Sun C 5.9 does not support C99. GCC 4.6.4 recognizes -std=gnu99, but
    does not support the z length modifier in printf(3). In either case 18
    tests fail in the following manner:
    <     [...]: domain [length 0 < 12] (invalid)
    >     [...]: domain [length 0 < zu] (invalid)
    Make these tests conditional and disable them when HAVE_NO_PRINTF_Z is
    defined. Modify the Autoconf leg of the build process to define the
    macro when printf() does not handle %zu as expected. The CMake leg looks
    broken on Solaris 9 with 2.8.9 now, so leave it be for now.

I think that if a compiler builds a tcpdump that outputs "zu" when it must 
output "12", it's an error and this compiler must be tag "unsupported".
Thus I propose to revert this commit and the cherry-picked one in 4.99 branch.
(We have been requesting support from C99 since 2018.)


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