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> The commit fbd44158e0d5e6bb0c9b05671f702ebcf68cc56d was:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    Mend "make check" on Solaris 9 (Autoconf only).
>    Sun C 5.9 does not support C99. GCC 4.6.4 recognizes -std=gnu99, but
>    does not support the z length modifier in printf(3). In either case 18
>    tests fail in the following manner:
>    <     [...]: domain [length 0 < 12] (invalid)
>    ---
>    >     [...]: domain [length 0 < zu] (invalid)
>    Make these tests conditional and disable them when HAVE_NO_PRINTF_Z is
>    defined. Modify the Autoconf leg of the build process to define the
>    macro when printf() does not handle %zu as expected. The CMake leg looks
>    broken on Solaris 9 with 2.8.9 now, so leave it be for now.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I think that if a compiler builds a tcpdump that outputs "zu" when it must 
> output "12", it's an error and this compiler must be tag "unsupported".

It's probably more the library - %z is interpreted by the library at run time, 
not by the compiler at compile time (except to the extent that the compiler 
does format/argument checking).

On UN*Xes, the C library is typically the system API library, so it's bundled 
with the OS rather than the compiler, so I don't know whether this is an issue 
of Sun C 5.9 or SunOS 5.9 (the core OS part of Solaris 9).

Unfortunately, I'm not sure to what extent either autoconf's "is C99 
supported?" or CMake's "is C99 supported?" can, or does, check for library 
support, and various "I want C99" flags to the compiler may affect which 
version of the language the compiler accepts and supports but it might not 
guarantee that the library with which the program will be linked supports that 
version of the language.

But it might make sense to just say "%z" is required by current versions of 
tcpdump (and libpcap), even if the lack of that support can't be discovered 
until "zu" shows up in output, as long as we don't have to worry about older OS 
versions if printf-formatting routines are part of an OS library rather than a 
C compiler support library.

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