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On Sat, 14 Jan 2023 16:57:45 +0000
Denis Ovsienko via tcpdump-workers <tcpdump-workers@lists.tcpdump.org>

> So it would be practicable to restore Solaris 9 support in the
> trailing edge department of tcpdump using compile-time-conditional
> length modifier.  If anybody volunteers to implement that, it would
> be wrong to get in the way, I guess.

Alright, there are no volunteers at this time.

> >     > Whatever is the eventual solution, in any case from today's
> >     > perspective it makes sense to stop masking these test
> >     > failures. 
> > 
> > Agreed.
> > Do you mean: Maybe just let the tests fail on Solaris, and document
> > that this happens?  
> As the first step in any case, yes.  And make the build fail early if
> the required length modifier is not supported.

The changes to detect printf() issues (which now correctly fails the
build on Solaris 9 instead of masking the post-build test failures) are
now tcpdump draft pull request #1031.  Please treat this as a request
for comments and if something does not look right, make your comments
either there or on the mailing list.

Given no objections, this will be merged in a few weeks.

    Denis Ovsienko

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