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> Thank you for explaining the context Guy, it is very educational.

A significant part of what's in autoconf, and a significant part of what's in 
at least some configure scripts, dates back to old UN*Xes.

ISO C and POSIX have, over time, rendered a lot of old-time tests unnecessary 
except for hobbyists and ancient "if it ain't broke don't fix it" systems:


(although that one was Netware rather than UN*X, there may be old UN*X versions 
running on old hardware still out there).

> Is AC_LBL_UNION_WAIT of a similar origin?


>  Neither tcpdump nor libpcap use it.

I think BSD's "union wait" has been supplanted by various POSIX-specified 
macros to pull apart an exit status stored in an int, and, in the 3.4/0.4 
timeframe, I don't think tcpdump or libpcap had any code to wait for a child 
process, and thus didn't need AC_LBL_UNION_WAIT.

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