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> I have also removed AC_LBL_C_INLINE and a conditional substitute for
> Tru64 pfopen() from tcpslice.  Interestingly, tcpslice and tcpdump,
> which don't call pfopen(), used to have this substitute, and libpcap,
> which does call pfopen(), does not have it.

That dates back to tcpdump 3.4.  I don't know why they decided to compile 
pfopen() into tcpdump and tcpdslice if it's not in a system library, rather 
than compiling it into libpcap if it's not in a system library.  Perhaps they 
wanted to be able to build versions of libpcap that would work both on Tru64 
UNIX versions in which pfopen() is in a system library and versions in which 
it's not and all you have is pfopen.c source code under /usr/examples.

I don't know what older versions those might be, and I suspect we have little 
if any reason to continue to make it possible to build tcpdump or tcpslice on 
those older versions - it looks as if Tru64 UNIX 4.x and 5.x have pfopen() in 
system libraries; according to


4.0A through 4.0F all date back to the previous millennium.

> In tcpdump it is a bit more entrenched, so I did not touch it yet.

It looks as if you removed the pfopen() stuff from tcpdump's configure script 
in 43670fb635503e69cdbf8055134a0befb94d2e15.

The AC_LBL_C_INLINE stuff is still there, but doesn't look *that* entrenched; 
are there any compilers that we need to support and that *don't* support C99 
inline?  If not, we could just remove the call from configure.ac and the 
definition from aclocal.m4.

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