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On Jan 27, 2023, at 4:53 AM, Denis Ovsienko <de...@ovsienko.info> wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Jan 2023 01:40:48 -0800
> Guy Harris <ghar...@sonic.net> wrote:
>> *don't* support C99 inline?  If not, we could just remove the call
>> from configure.ac and the definition from aclocal.m4.
> In 2002 in commit b1263c6 you wrote it was some HP C compiler that
> Autoconf 2.13 could not drive.  I have never seen HP-UX in the wild, but
> assuming the amount of improvement made in Autoconf during the
> subsequent 10 years (Autoconf 2.69 is from 2012) and the amount of
> improvement made in HP-UX (which had the most recent release in 2022),
> to me it would make the most sense to say the problem AC_LBL_C_INLINE
> solved (HP C specifics) no longer exists unless proven otherwise, and
> AC_LBL_C_INLINE should be removed with a good change log entry.

That commit was

commit b1263c69c58e58e326997ec8b2db81d6e3666bc6
Author: Guy Harris <ghar...@sonic.net>
Date:   Fri Jun 28 10:45:40 2002 +0000

    Some versions of the HP C compiler can handle inlines, but not if they
    return a structure pointer.  Check whether the C compiler can handle
    inline functions that return a structure pointer, not whether they can
    handle inline functions that return an int, as at least some versions of
    autoconf's AC_C_INLINE do.

I presume that, given the increased use of, and thus demand for, inline as a 
keyword in C, HP eventually fixed the problem (I *think* the problem was that 
the compiler rejected code that inlined structure-pointer-returning functions, 
rather than generating bad code for it).  (If not, maybe the autoconf 
developers added a check for that.)

If anybody still has such a problem, they have my sympathy, just as people 
stuck with, say, compilers that don't support function prototypes do, but I'm 
not sure they should have support for building tcpdump (or libpcap or tcpslice) 
on their machine with their current compiler.

As far as I'm concerned, replacing it with AC_C_INLINE, as you did, is the 
right thing to do, at least for now.  We could consider removing it in the 
future, given that we require C99 and C99 has inline as a keyword.

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