> On 15 Feb 2018, at 00:37, Paul Goyette <p...@whooppee.com> wrote:
> If you can boot _something_ then boot -d to get an initial breakpoint entry 
> into ddb.  Then just update the global variable db_onpanic to 1

Ah, no functioning keyboard when in ddb hence wanting to set a default command. 
e.g in this scenario I have 2 amd64 apple laptops which can't boot normally & 
panic. As I have a functioning keyboard at the boot loader I can disable smp 
and boot one of the systems, otherwise I'm completely stuck. I can imagine 
crashing and not being able to request a backtrace is a common occurrence, and 
setting this will improve the bug reports we receive, as the user will have 
more information at hand by default. In return there's one less thing to try on 
their part to extract more information if required.


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