On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 09:44:01AM -0500, Kenneth R Westerback wrote:
> Those of you following -current or running very recent snaps may have
> noticed a lot of changes to dhclient in the last couple of weeks.
> Aside from some major clean up, these changes revolve around the
> elimination of the dhclient-script as both detrimental to sanity
> and our ability to move forward to better network configuration
> automation.
> So far a couple of uses for dhclient-script have been reported and
> workarounds have to be developed for these scenarios.
> But now that most of the changes are committed we are very interested
> in making sure that scenarios that lead people to modify dhclient-script
> are identified sooner rather than later.
> So please test the new dhclient(8) in as many situations as possible
> and report both 'noraml' bugs/regressions and problems you have not
> been able to solve without dhclient-script. Thanks.
> .... Ken

Well, resolv.conf(5) has many neat options which one could like
to have added into resolv.conf even when using dhcp to get dns
servers. One of them could be: family, some options like tcp...

I don't want to be nitpick but with personalized dhclient-script
one could code whatever to have valid resolv.conf(5) settings
in his /etc/resolv.conf.


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