On 2016 Dec 23 (Fri) at 16:57:27 +0100 (+0100), Hrvoje Popovski wrote:
:On 21.12.2016. 23:15, Sebastian Benoit wrote:
:>> Hi,
:>> it seems that bfd is working with Force10 S4810 and Extreme Networks
:>> x460 switches. I can test it with cisco c6k5 if you want?
:> Hei,
:> i'm sure phessler (who might not read this for a couple of days) is happy
:> about any test you can do.
:> And thanks for doing these tests!
:> /Benno
:no bfd for me on Cisco c6k5. Will upgrade and report back.
:Tnx for bfd, really great feature ...

Many thanks for the testing.  Can you get some packet captures of the
failing bfd with that Cisco and send them to me offline?  I'd really
like to see what they are doing.


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