i don't know if anyone uses 6667 anymore, but adding it anyway
so the abbreviated one below w/" over SSL" does make more sense.
usually for me 6697 is the only port unrecognized by services(5)
in netstat output under Foreign Address, so this is for consistency,
and i believe these are official.


diff --git a/etc/services b/etc/services
index ceb2b58c17d..146876ce065 100644
--- a/etc/services
+++ b/etc/services
@@ -262,6 +262,8 @@ postgresql  5432/tcp                        # PostgreSQL
 postgresql     5432/udp                        # PostgreSQL
 rfb            5900/tcp        vnc             # Remote Framebuffer
 syslog-tls     6514/tcp                        # syslog over TLS
+irc            6667/tcp                        # Internet Relay Chat
+irc            6697/tcp                        # IRC over SSL
 afs3-fileserver        7000/tcp                        # AFS fileserver
 afs3-fileserver        7000/udp                        # AFS fileserver
 afs3-callback  7001/tcp                        # AFS callback server

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