On Fri, Jan 05, 2018 at 08:17:42PM -0700, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> We've been avoiding polluting services with absolutely every joke
> of a service.  If we added everything, it would be a disaster that
> we have to manage and we don't want to.

Ok, no problem, yet asking again, now with some maintenance included.

> You've hit on one of the two services we've watched over the years
> as markers between "registered" and "not registered".

Then how about under unofficials?

> Have you found an application which does not know to use this
> unregistered?

No, just netstat.

> As for what netstat reports, you big boys can handle that being
> just a number.  That's why it prints numbers instead of blank space.

been over 20years since i first connected to irc, and it was on 6667.
i never knew about port 194, but am very sure it will never listen on udp.
so i think those two should go, even if latter won't get in.

slightly tested diff below; no vax was punished by the growth of services.

diff --git a/etc/services b/etc/services
index ceb2b58c17d..172db3609f3 100644
--- a/etc/services
+++ b/etc/services
@@ -103,8 +103,6 @@ bgp         179/tcp                         # Border 
Gateway Proto.
 bgp            179/udp
 prospero       191/tcp                         # Cliff Neuman's Prospero
 prospero       191/udp
-irc            194/tcp                         # Internet Relay Chat
-irc            194/udp
 smux           199/tcp                         # SNMP Unix Multiplexer
 smux           199/udp
 at-rtmp                201/tcp                         # AppleTalk routing
@@ -321,6 +319,8 @@ webster             2627/tcp                        # 
Network dictionary
 conserver      3109/tcp                        # console server
 canna          5680/tcp                        # Kana->Kanji server
 sane-port      6566/tcp                        # SANE Control Port
+irc            6667/tcp                        # Internet Relay Chat
+irc            6697/tcp                        # IRC over SSL
 icb            7326/tcp                        # Internet Citizen's Band
 spamd          8025/tcp                        # spamd(8)
 spamd-sync     8025/udp                        # spamd(8) synchronisation

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