We've been avoiding polluting services with absolutely every joke
of a service.  If we added everything, it would be a disaster that
we have to manage and we don't want to.

You've hit on one of the two services we've watched over the years
as markers between "registered" and "not registered".

Have you found an application which does not know to use this

As for what netstat reports, you big boys can handle that being
just a number.  That's why it prints numbers instead of blank space.

> i don't know if anyone uses 6667 anymore, but adding it anyway
> so the abbreviated one below w/" over SSL" does make more sense.
> usually for me 6697 is the only port unrecognized by services(5)
> in netstat output under Foreign Address, so this is for consistency,
> and i believe these are official.
> -Artturi
> diff --git a/etc/services b/etc/services
> index ceb2b58c17d..146876ce065 100644
> --- a/etc/services
> +++ b/etc/services
> @@ -262,6 +262,8 @@ postgresql        5432/tcp                        # 
> PostgreSQL
>  postgresql   5432/udp                        # PostgreSQL
>  rfb          5900/tcp        vnc             # Remote Framebuffer
>  syslog-tls   6514/tcp                        # syslog over TLS
> +irc          6667/tcp                        # Internet Relay Chat
> +irc          6697/tcp                        # IRC over SSL
>  afs3-fileserver      7000/tcp                        # AFS fileserver
>  afs3-fileserver      7000/udp                        # AFS fileserver
>  afs3-callback        7001/tcp                        # AFS callback server

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