Wed, 10 Jan 2018 20:34:44 -0700 "Theo de Raadt" <>
> > Another question raised by a SHA-3 import is whether this should
> > also be added to LibreSSL and if we want to continue with having
> > duplicate implementations of hash algorithms in libc and libcrypto.  
> very good question.
> Who *crucially* needs this
> OpenBSD is intended to be a small operating system.  I don't want
> to compile SHA3 stuff every single build unless there is a substantial
> and growing userbase for it
> Is that the case, or is this fad of the month?

Hi tech@,

I won't cry if this became a port instead of importing 'it' in base:


I won't have a use for it even in that case, given the above detail.

Kind regards,
Anton Lazarov

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