On 2018/06/06 09:57, Stuart Henderson wrote:
> I've been finding vim with my standard settings really slow on OpenBSD.
> It's been bugging me for a while, but it just took about 1.2s to open
> and display a 20k patch, which was bad enough to make me dig into it
> again.
> I've looked at malloc options in the past and noticed that 'j' helps
> but this has caught enough bugs in the past that I'd really prefer
> not to use it. Looking again today I noticed that increasing the free
> page cache size by setting >> helps hugely, taking this down to 0.4s.
> Would there be any sense in having a way for a program to request some
> different default malloc option, or at least different default cache
> size, while still allowing user settings to override it, so this can
> work better by default without changing behaviour for other programs?
> Or perhaps it should just be considered a bug/problem in vim,
> These settings in .vimrc make it quite noticeable
> syn

ugh sorry, 'syn on' or 'syntax enable'. Thanks tb@

> set foldmethod=syntax
> set foldlevelstart=1
> I normally have more, in particular to fix the horrible the default colour
> scheme ;) but minimal is better as a test case .. the file I was opening 
> today:
> https://github.com/openbsd/src/commit/f695adb710e886406ee58a1fe647719c07d844d7.patch

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