I just checked how openbsd dhcpd handles this:

subnet  netmask {
        option routers;


It starts fine and happily sends unusable configuration to client.

dhcpcd (dhcp client I use on linux-based client) installed funny routes: -- --

So, Internet connection does not work.

I can't tell openbsd team what to do, but here are my thoughts:
If we believe that router should always be in client network then we should
fix dhcpd also making it to refuse to run with this configuration, should
not we?

If dhcpd accepts this config that means openbsd treats it as valid. 
Then, we should not fix client also.

In theory one may need to send router address to client to be accessed
by different interface configured by different dhcp server (or, even,
But as far as I understand RFC, this is not allowed.

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