>Which RFC?
It says "IP addresses for routers on the client's subnet", so my idea was
that router must be on client subnet.

>We already deal with this for the case fairly common in VPS where the 
>client gets a /32 with a router outside the subnet
But how does it work from client side?
Does your dhcpd server send static route to router?

>How did you configure the rest of networking on the router to cope 
>with this setup?

I have interface with and dhcpd server with configuration
provided above,
I then run dhcpcd (I have not tried it with ICS dhcp client) and got broken

Here is my point: in some installations gateway may reside outside of client
Is it valid?

If it is, then why do we need to fix client (why do we need this patch?)?
It it is not, then should not dhcpd log warnings about such configuration?

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