On 2018/06/11 07:39, Il Ka wrote:
> >Which RFC?
> It says "IP addresses for routers on the client's subnet", so my idea was
> that router must be on client subnet.
> >We already deal with this for the case fairly common in VPS where the 
> >client gets a /32 with a router outside the subnet
> But how does it work from client side?
> Does your dhcpd server send static route to router?

The general case: you run dhclient, it works.

> >How did you configure the rest of networking on the router to cope 
> >with this setup?
> I have interface with and dhcpd server with configuration
> provided above,
> I then run dhcpcd (I have not tried it with ICS dhcp client) and got broken
> routing.

So you tell the client that the router is at, but you don't have
anything at This cannot possibly work, the client can't find the
lladdr of the gateway - it's not a valid test.

> Here is my point: in some installations gateway may reside outside of client
> network.
> Is it valid?

It works on other OS. It works on OpenBSD for the /32 case.

> If it is, then why do we need to fix client (why do we need this patch?)?

It doesn't work on OpenBSD for the non-/32 case.

> It it is not, then should not dhcpd log warnings about such configuration?

A warning? Perhaps. You proposed making it an error before, which I don't
think is helpful. For a start it would make it harder to test krw's diff :-)

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