On 4/1/19, Claudio Jeker <cje...@diehard.n-r-g.com> wrote:
> There have been internal discussions about OpenBSD also removing the pf
> packet filter after the upcoming 6.5 release. Instead a switch to
> using David Gwynne's new bpf filter will happen.
> The benefits outweigh the drawbacks and the missing features will be
> readily implemented in time for the 6.6 release.
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> :wq Claudio

While I support pf removal, I don't think bpf is the way to go.

FreeBSD just removed their pf [1] so the code is up for grabs and you
can import it with one weird trick.

[1] https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/svn-src-projects/2019-April/013336.html

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