Oops, I think you've confused me with Miod.  He's the one who wrote the vax BPF.

I was only talking to him about adding direct SIMH support in 6.6.  That way 
you could have many kernels 
running within a kernel at boot time.
I'm looking forward to running my old HP 2115 Fortran code ....  Who needs 
toggle switches anyway?

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Eichert, Diana wrote:
> I wrote a vax BPF jit as a simple exercize some time ago, so all you 
> really need now is to implement vax-to-${ARCH} jit on an MD basis. 
> This should be very easy to do as long as BPF does not get extended to 
> use floating-point values.

I'm afraid you have to rewrite it to risv-to-${ARCH} and vectorise along the 


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