On Fri, Dec 24, 2021 at 04:16:28PM +0900, YASUOKA Masahiko wrote:
> > - npppd l2pt ipsecflowinfo is not MP safe
> Does this mean the things we are discussing on the "Fix
> ipsp_spd_lookup() for transport mode" thread?  I wonder if there is
> another issue.

In this mail thread I was concerned about things might get worse.

Currently I see these problems:

tdb_free() will be called with a shared netlock.  From there
ipsp_ids_free() is called.

        if (--ids->id_refcount > 0)

This ref count needs to be atomic.

        if (LIST_EMPTY(&ipsp_ids_gc_list))
                timeout_add_sec(&ipsp_ids_gc_timeout, 1);
        LIST_INSERT_HEAD(&ipsp_ids_gc_list, ids, id_gc_list);

And some mutex should protect ipsp_ids_gc_list.


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