On 18-Dec-01 David Lloyd wrote:
> Hi There!
>> How does it look when printed?
> Already got anti-aliasing going. It looks like it's using PK and not PS
> fonts despite being advised to say:
> % blah blah
> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}

If this is the answer to the "how does it look printed" question above and I
understand right that the *printed* result also looks jaggy and with stairs
at the diagonals you setup your print resolution/default mode for dvips the
wrong way.

I know a tiny little bit what considerations go into calculating the actual
black dots as done by Metafont -- and I don't think truetype or psfonts can
match that. *But* this is of course only valid if you generate
the fonts exactly the size which are matching your printer resolution.

If you force TeX to scale fonts or run dvips with a default mode of 100dpi
and print on a 1200dpi Laserprinter this will certainly not be a match for a
ps font. 

Which reminds me of something that bugged be for some time (and this brings
us back to teTeX):
There is (at least was when I last looked) no [default] mode for dvips above
600dpi. Since recent Laserprinter get even up to 2400dpi it would be
nice to have a well suited mode for these. Is this in progress somewhere?
Included in teTeX sometime? or laready and I just missed it? Or are
postscript fonts now indeed the prefered method?


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