Peter Gallagher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Please forgive me if this is not the place to ask this question
> ... I'm new to TeX.

But you should have received the list's charter when you subscribed.
A more appropriate place would be the newsgroup comp.text.tex.
A good ressource for English-speaking people is
for Germans

In your case I'd look at the titlesec package.  It is part of teTeX
and its documentation can be accessed with
texdoc titlesec

> PS: I notice that Thomas Esser participates in this list.

Small wonder, since the *sole* purpose of this list is to discuss
specifics of the teTeX distribution, *not* of general TeX/LaTeX

> If you read this, Thomas, thank you very much for TeTeX. As I learn
> more about LaTeX I realize that TeTeX is a wonderful piece of work
> and I'm very grateful to you for it (and to Gerben Wierda for his
> Mac OS X version).

See, that was on-topic.

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I hereby notify the originator Peter Gallagher that I received his
message in error since tetex is not the correct list to ask his main
question to.  I will delete the message.

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This is a nuisance.  Since I doubt it will be easy or part of the
usual procedures to manually purge your Email from the list archives
(which are accessible to anyone), I strongly recommend that you send
in writing either

a) a waifer that will free the list archivers of the duty to remove
your copyrightable material from the archives,
b) a formal request for removal of your letters, specifying the
headers of the particular mails you wish to have removed from the
archive due to copyright reasons.

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