* George White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020521 21:14]:
> On Tue, 21 May 2002, Gregory D. Collins wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > I'm having trouble with dvips and type 1 fonts.  I installed Adobe
> > Garamond into my teTeX distribution, but dvips is not spitting out
> > correct postscript files; the characters in the generated output are
> > substituted by Courier.
> Did you install .pf[a|b] files, or just the tfm's?  Are you viewing the
> file with showps or gs, or sending it to a printer?  Is it a PostScript
> printer or are you rendering the file using ghostscript?

I have installed .pfb files, along with all the files TeX needs to use
the font. (I used fontinst.sty to generate .fd, .vf, etc. files, and
afm2tfm to generate .tfm files.) The printer which I have tried to test
this on is a Postscript printer, and ghostscript (both gv and gs) fails
on it too.
> > The strange thing is that both xdvi and pdflatex generate correct
> > output. Also, examination of the generated ps file shows that the font
> > has indeed been put into the output. Sending the .ps file to the printer
> > also shows the Courier substitution, so it's not a ghostview rendering
> > problem.
> Is the font embedded in the PS file or are there just references to
> the font?  Dvips lists the font files it uses on the terminal.  Type 1
> fonts can be installed as "printer-resident" or downloaded with the 
> PS file.  If your dvips configuration assumes that the font is
> resident when it should be downloaded you will get Courier.

The font is embedded in the file.  When I dvips the .dvi file, dvips
lists the font files on the command line. For instance:

  phd5.cs.yale.edu [5]> dvips -o test.ps test.dvi
  This is dvips(k) 5.86 Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software
  ' TeX output 2002.05.21:1403' -> test.ps
  <texc.pro><8r.enc><texps.pro>. <padr8a.pfb><padri8a.pfb><cmex10.pfb>

Here "padr8a.pfb" and "padri8a.pfb" are obviously the Adobe Garamond
font files.
> > I've upgraded Ghostview to the lates GNU version, and upgraded teTeX to
> > the latest snapshot (20020402), to no avail. Any suggestions?
> Divide and conquer.  What happens if you use A-Garamond in a PS file
> created with something other than TeX?  Ghostscript has some sample
> files to print a font table that you can edit (prfont.ps?) to
> see if ghostscript can find the font.  There are too many ways to

I have not really tried this, but since the font (should be?) is
embedded in the .ps file, I would assume that Ghostscript would not need
a local copy.  Again, the funny part is that pdflatex (using the same
pda.map file, which I included in the "updmap" script) finds the font
and embeds it in the .pdf files perfectly well. Indeed, when I print the
PDF file, the document goes to the printer and looks great, but I would
rather not use the Acrobat reader every time I want to print one of
these files.

Any light anyone can shed on this would be appreciated.


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