> Thanks, but *which* one is the `perfect' showcase template that
> contains all of the useful (and perhaps not so useful) entries?  For
> example, looking into `hyph-de-1996.tex', I don't see information on
> \lefthyphenmin at all...

  Well, of course not, since you didn’t put it in the source file (we
didn’t think of looking at german.tr in your repository back then).
Look at the Czech file, for example (hyph-cs.tex), it contains hyphenmin
values for both generation time (as fed to patgen) and typesetting time.

> In other words, I want to know the *exact* YAML structure that
> exhibits all of the possible keywords.  [And I'm not a YAML expert so
> I would like to have a simple recipe that I can easily follow.]

  That list is not closed, we can add more keywords if there is a need
(or desire) for them.  So there is no template with all the possible
keywords; but you can take a look at /tools/yaml/validate-header.rb
(same branch) for the ones we take into account at the moment.



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