On 4/5/2018 3:59 AM, Michal Hoftich wrote:
It took me about one week to compile 205 latex files. Some are
few thousands of pages with lots of math. I have 16 GB RAM PC,
intel i7-3930k CPU running windows 7. Using cygwin to build now.

Lualatex finishes very fast. may be Few minutes. But tex4ht is
the one that takes sooo long.

Do you run the build in parallel? TeX and tex4ht can run only on
single processor core, so this should speed up the compilation


Well, I use recusive makefiles. But I do run 8 or so
makefiles on 8 smaller source tree branches within the large
source tree at same time. I start each make from separate window.

Each makefile builds part of the tree.

I can see all the cores busy when I do this on windows.

Here is screen shot of my task manager busy on another thing,
but it is same when I run make4ht:


Still, even with this, tex4ht takes too long. the DVI
or the IDV file processing seems to be the bottleneck here.

One day, I will switch to using png for math images, and
see how long that will take. I assume using png images
for math will be much faster but I have not tried it.


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