Now that Bill has scratched the surface, propped the door open and given a 
little history of the TSA from Carl's book, I'll pose a question that has been 
bouncing around my very small brain for quite a while:

Is the TSA still relevant, needed, or necessary anymore?

Having served as Youth Caving Contact (could someone please remove my Contact 
Info for this from the website?!), Secretary, Texas Caver editor, and 
Chairperson, it just seems that the TSA was more involved, active, and vibrant 
in past years than it has been of late.

(This is in NO way a request for someone to nominate me for something. Been 
there, done that, did my turn in the barrel, and have the scars, bruises, and 
piles of verbal and email abuse to show for it). 

Just something for y'all to mull over. Maybe consider merging with the TCMA, 
except they both have different reasons for existing, but, the TCMA seems to be 
more active lately. Just saying.

Anyway, I'll go back to "lurk mode" now. I don't go caving as much as I did in 
the past and, when I do, it's with my family and a few close caver friends on 
some special projects and trips.

Nota TSA or NSS member currently, just throwing out a bone for you to chew on, 
so don't flame me!

Mark Alman

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However, the Texans, now called the Texas Speleological Association, continued 
to be a region of the NSS.

Now it too is run by elected people, to the extent that it is (anybody seen a 
Texas Caver this year?). -- Mixon
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