Interesting story,

I saw that Kimble White works for Cambrain Environmental Services so he is 
working with the utility.

Having worked a lot of sinkhole collapse issues up in Tennessee and Kentucky, 
it would seem that the utilities ran over a cave entrance which was not 
stabilized. Movement of the fill created a crack in the water line which ran 
water into the cave – basically power washing the fill into the cave which 
resulted in the collapse. Sort of the same mechanism that forms sinkholes near 
cracks in storm and sanitary sewer lines in non karst areas.

Then again, this like auditing someone’s finances over the phone. Kind of hard 
to do without looking at it closely. Maybe Kimble will have more information.

It can be repaired if they know what they are doing. Otherwise, it will result 
in continued collapse at the site.

Geary Schindel

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Has anyone seen this yet? Apparently someone has already been down there 
breaking formations:
" Cambrian Environmental Services sent two scientists repelling into the cave 
to help map it out. A growing crowd of neighbors looked on as the scientists 
returned to the surface carrying a stalactite and details from the inside of 
the cave. "
And someone else isn't up on how caves form?
" “We don’t know if this could spread, we definitely don’t want children in the 
area,” said Andrew Johnson, president of the neighborhood HOA.
Might be worth someone in the area going to talk with the HOA to prevent people 
from unknowingly getting themselves in a position they need to be rescued:
" “We could have a cave club, go spelunking together maybe,” Mitchell laughed. "

Go find out!
-Heather Tuček
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