On 2014-12-31 21:21, Steven Clukey wrote:
I’ve created an implementation of split views in TextMate. It is basically 
complete, except for one issue that I haven’t been able to fix and I am asking 
for help on this. I am posting it here rather than creating a Pull Request for 
several reasons. First, the known issue can be pretty serious, though it is not 
common in normal use. Second, my commits generally need work (which I 
appreciate, btw) and given the number of commits this may take some time to be 
ready for master. Third, I don’t want the pull request to become like the 
GitHub issue for split views, so I thought it would be better to post it here 
to work on, then when ready for master I’ll submit a Pull Request that can be 
merged quickly.

The usage is fairly simple, there are 4 new options in the View menu to control 
the splitting. The tab bar is global, it shows all the open document and the 
currently active document is highlighted. Selecting a new document in the tab 
bar will change the currently active split to show that document. Closing a 
document closes it from all of the splits that are showing it. The active 
document is changed by clicking inside a document (or menu options in Windows). 
Thats pretty much it.

Now the issue: if there are many documents open and they are closed “too fast" 
(holding CMD+W works) then the coherence of the documents is lost and the windows 
may end up in a state where closing “Untitled” opens “Untitled 2”, and closing 
“Untitled 2” opens “Untitled” and the window doesn’t close. Worse yet, the splits do 
not show a new document, they show documents that should have already been closed. I 
believe this is caused by the fact that `openAndSelectDocument` is somewhat 
asynchronous, and “too fast” perhaps means that the documents are closed faster than 
the new documents are open. But, since I have not been able to fix this problem 
perhaps my assessment is wrong.

The implementation is on my fork:

This is awesome :D.

I few comments:

* I noted there are some issues with synchronizing the tabs and the content. If I open a file from the file browser it will open a new tab, show the correct content but the previous tab is selected. If I open another file the tab for the last opened file before that is selected. This is when no split view is active

* When there's a vertical split and TextMate is not the active application, the left border of the gutter is gone. The same thing happens for a horizontal split but for the bottom border of the status bar

* It would be nice to have hotkeys for splitting and switch between the splits

* Personally I think the way you implemented the split view is a bit confusing. If there are two tabs open and one split. Each file is show in one view of the split. I would expect clicking a tab would active the corresponding split view, not chaining the content in the current split view.

Alternatively implement separate split views for each tab, this is how both iTerm and Xcode work.

/Jacob Carlborg

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