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> Sure, here's how it looks when it's active [1] and here when it's inactive 
> [2]. I highlighted the edges that are missing the border.
> I suspect that the left border of the gutter is usually handled by the window 
> or file browser border. And the bottom border of the status bar is handled by 
> the window border.

I believe that white line is the NSSplitView divider. That must be simply the 
style in 10.10, because here is what it looks like on my 10.9:


> That's quite a complicated hotkey, at least for a Swedish keyboard. I would 
> have expected one or two modifier keys + the arrow keys. Perhaps those are 
> all occupied for other things.

I do believe all the arrow key combinations are taken, lest I missed one. I 
picked the current combination because, on US keyboard, it is the same as 
selecting the previous/next tab plus the option key. But if there is another 
hotkey that you think would work better then I’m open to the suggestion.

Steven Clukey

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