On 2015-01-24 13:11, Joachim Mårtensson wrote:
I have implemented a Diff View for TextMate. Following Steven Clukey
lead, I decided to pre-announce it here first.

Some facts:

Enabled in View -> Diff
Uses the patience-diff algorithm, enhanced for live editing.
Unified view only for now.
Compare against Git HEAD only for now.
Currently not sticky between tab switches.
Runs on main-thread.
New appended ”layout” scopes: diff.removed.line and diff.added.line .

Stick this in your theme file to get started:

{name = 'Diff Removed';
scope = 'diff.removed';
settings = { background = '#FFC0CB'; };
{name = 'Diff Added';
scope = 'diff.added';
settings = { background = '#90EE90'; };

Checkout here: https://github.com/joachimm/textmate/tree/diffing
Screencast: http://www.screencast.com/t/ZQyRQPIBvu  Missing +/- though.

This looks really cool :)

/Jacob Carlborg

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