Hi everyone,

I'm doing research on code reviews and static analysis tools at the SERG group 
(http://swerl.tudelft.nl/bin/view/Main/WebHome) of the Delft University of 
Technology. Currently, we want to give an overview of the usage of code review 
and static analysis tools in open source projects. Therefore, I would be very 
happy to know a little bit more about how code reviews are used in Textmate and 
if (and maybe how) static analysis tools are used. I have a couple of questions 
for anyone willing to answer:

1. Do all developers (contributors and core developers) have to submit a code 
review for every change? I’m asking because many projects only review changes 
made by contributors.
2. Which code review tools are used? Just GitHub, or are other tools used as 
3. Are static analyzers used? If they are used:
a. Is passing the checks of the static analyzers necessary for a change to be 
b. Which static analyzers are used?

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