On 4 Feb 2015, at 21:38, Radjino Bholanath wrote:

1. Do all developers (contributors and core developers) have to submit a code review for every change? I’m asking because many projects only review changes made by contributors.

Anyone but me have to do a pull request (which implicitly is a review request).

No-one is tasked with reviewing my commits before they are pushed.

2. Which code review tools are used? Just GitHub, or are other tools used as well?

No dedicated code review tools are used. GitHub is often used for adding comments/discuss a PR.

3. Are static analyzers used? If they are used:
a. Is passing the checks of the static analyzers necessary for a change to be accepted?
b. Which static analyzers are used?

Nothing beyond clang’s compile-time warnings are used. If something introduced a warning, then it would probably need to be changed before being accepted, but this hasn’t happened.
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