OK as is normally the case with these things I spotted the error within five 
minutes of asking for help, but it has raised a another question.
My problem was quite simply I had no survey/end survey wrapper. I have been 
using this index file for over two years and never noticed however it has 
worked perfectly and produced what I needed.

I now ask why did the index.th compile OK with the other 18 surveys listed in 

The only difference between the first 18 surveys and the last non-working one 
was that in each scrap of the 18 previous surveys I used the option 
-station-names "" "@surveyname". I was shown this when I started learning 
Therion but never really new why. When using this option to make any survey.th 
compile I have to make sure the map/endmap is outside the survey/endsurvey 

With the my latest survey file I did not use the scrap option and just went 
with the "normal way" with everything in survey.th within the survey/endsurvey 
and then the index .th failed due to having no survey/endsurvey wrapper.
Clearly I do not yet fully understand the process even though I can make things 
work, so lots more reading I think. Does anyone know of a good explanation 
somewhere, most thing I read I find a little confusing.

Also if someone would like to explain the
-station-names "" "@surveyname" bit I would be very grateful.

I suspect I'm not the only one to have struggled with this.

Thanks for the previous answers guys.


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I'm guessing you have created a map that contains the survey only for your new 
cave, and a map which contains scraps or maps for your other caves.
I do this intentionally while I am drawing up a new  piece of passage, then 
remove the survey map once I am finished.

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Subject: [Therion] Error When Adding A new Cave to Master Index

I have just added a small cave to my main index .th. Everything compiles but 
the pdf shows the new cave as shots and splays not as the normal walls etc you 
would expect in a map. All other caves display correctly as intended.
Has anyone point out what I am doing wrong.


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