Our current project is nearing 2000 Stations in a labyrinth and things start to 
get cumbersome. We have more than 100 Loops detected by therion.

I wonder what people use to find errors. For example im I have too loops L1 and 
L2 and L1 is “good” (0.1% error) while L2 is “bad” (4% error) i can assume that 
the error is in the stations/shots which are part of L2 but not L1. Is there an 
automated approach for that?

When I add a new loop and the overall error goes up it is likely, that this 
loop is faulty. Any way to automatically check that?

I also read the “Error Detection in Compass” page and couldn’t understand much 
mire than “we just try out”.

We have Disto X (no transcription errors possible) and  traditional 
(transcription errors likely) surveys. How to handle that?

Any suggestions besides loads of manual work?
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