Thanks for all the suggestions. Especial the „Aven colored by error“ is a 
superb starting point.

We do not always  practice paperless caving but Disto X1/X2 devices are used 
for everything.

So we get a SD from
Calibrating - although to my understanding this value is something different 
then the survey sd.

We also then to measure the same small loop at the beginning  of each trip: 
A-B in four device orientations
B-A in four device orientations
A-C in four device orientations
C-A in four device orientations
C-B once

So I could calculate an SD based on that. 

For sone Devices errors seem to be bound very much to orientation. In the data 
saved by TopoDroid you can see the device orientation and so we could set a sd 
based on the direction in which the shot was taken. I have nit investigated 
this further so far. Also because we have this data only for about 20% of the 

TopoDroid also is able to flag an “magnetic anomaly” - i’m not totally sure how 
but this als could be used in setting a per shot SD. i have not looked much 
into this.


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