Hi folks,

There are a few of us who are struggling with an extended elevation
problem. I have attached a sample data file, which represents the data
from a real cave.

There is a main passage (stations 1-2-3-4-5-7), and a high level oxbow
(stations 2-6-5). Because the oxbow is shorter, Therion defaults to
using that as the primary extended elevation path, which is not desired.
The natural (human preferred) way of extending that, is to show the main
passage as a single line, then have the high level oxbow split at
station 6, with a leg pointing to each of the two stations it connects
to, and a dotted line connecting the two versions of station 6. Like
this (if your email client shows this with a fixed width font):

    /      \

We tried various "extend left" "extend right" and "extend ignore", and
we managed to make it break station 2, but it seems not to want to break
on station 6. (We can obviously break it in the right place by breaking
the data, but that is not the intention is to keep the data valid.)

Can someone please tell us the magic formula of extend commands that
will produce the desired output?

Thanks for the assistance.

encoding  utf-8

survey extendedloop


    extend start 1

    data normal from to length compass clino

    1  2  1  0  0
    2  3  1  0  0
    3  4  1  45  0
    4  5  1  90  0
    5  6  1.71  225  45
    6  2  1.71  225  -45
    5  7  1  90  0


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