Hi everybody,

considering TiddlyWiki Classic:

   - yes, Timimi works with it in modern FireFox (with several minor 
   issues, but generally it works even better than TiddlyFox)
   - yes, I and Mark Kerrigan recently put most of the saving methods 
   together at 
   https://classic.tiddlywiki.com/#%5B%5BSetting%20up%20saving%5D%5D . In the 
   future that one will probably be simplified (for instance, once I adapt 
   Timimi to Chrome there probably will be no much need in other extensions, 
   except for cases of strict security limitations; yet the richer ecosystem 
   is, the better)
      - old FireFox (pre 54) with TiddlyFox is also an option, it's just 
      somewhat outdated, so is not included into the list
      - if you need more assistance, I invite you to the 
   https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/tiddlywikiclassic group
   - I haven't tested Beaker Browse, so if anybody shares experience of 
   using it with TWC (especially in the TWC group), I'll be thankful
Best regards,


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