On renaming tiddlers

Relink is a marvelous tool, however Personaly I do not have a problem renaming 
tiddlers because of a standard naming practice. I am always careful to separate 
code with fixed names and data free to rename. Truth is I bring decades of 
coding experience to this but I wish I could mind meld with few of you to pass 
it on.

Not withstanding this I have forseen issues in some very specific cases and 
already have solutions. The most powerful with lots of additional benefits is. 
TSN tiddler serial number which is set once and never changes so when you want 
a permanent rename open link you can have it.

Nor would it be hard to provide a whole suit related tools, already we could 
make use of the TSN , alias plugin and Relink not only to free tiddler names 
but open up some really cool features.


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