OGNSYA wrote:
> I tend to do a lot of field editing from other tiddlers though (for 
> example, using TiddlyTables, directly in the cells).
> Would love for values to be suggested there as well...
> Any chance this can be implemented to work in any place where that field 
> can be edited?

Hm. I guess it could be made so that instead of calling the EditTextWidget, 
you called a custom macro that simply contains the EditTextWidget but also 
a call to the fieldvalueselector. But if TiddlyTables allows direct editing 
of cells, I assume this is done by calling the EditTextWidget... i.e you'd 
have to remake TiddlyTables so that it instead called this custom macro. 
Definitely doable but TiddlyTables is not my plugin - and you only mention 
TiddlyTables as one example, indicating additional contexts.

Maybe you should make a gh request that the EditTextWidget can natively 
show used values. There could be some flag in the widget. I think it makes 


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