Ash Rubigo wrote:
> It'd be great to get some feedback on on the aesthetic, layout, and 
> navigability of my wiki 

   - Am I the only one who doesn't get any scrolling when clicking the 
   links? (win/chrome)
   - I'm on desktop: It says "Show/hide sidebar" but it not obvious that 
   the whole upper part of the page, which is actually the whole default 
   viewport, is what is referred to.
   - The first default tiddler is... unclear; why is the title (if it is 
   the title?) in brackets? Or maybe the big blue is the title? But there seem 
   to be tag pills under both? 
   - If it is a public site, you should probably remove most of the tiddler 
   tool button showing only the close button (X) and page tools.
   - Blue fine links on black... IMO not good for visibility.
   - Aesthetics: I understand the darkness is intentional but you do ask 
   for feedback so I'll just mention that I don't like these dark themes other 
   than as "night" themes. Just my opinion.


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