Is there a reason you want to use a template here? What's happening is that 
the text is seeing the title of the transcluded tiddler.

If you make your test tiddler like this:

\define QR(text)
<img src="$text$";>

<$edit-text class='tc-edit-texteditor'  tiddler="QRData" field='new_QR' 
placeholder='QR text'/>

<$macrocall $name="QR" text={{QRData!!new_QR}}/>

It seems to work OK this way. Note that I moved the data into a separate 
tiddler. You might have noticed that it was very hard to type into the edit 
field. Somewhere in the documentation they warn you not to call the edit 
widget on a field inside the same tiddler -- some sort of loop-back thing.

Is that an actual QR code that google is giving back? That's certainly a 
good trick to know!

Good luck!


On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 6:45:15 PM UTC-7, RunningUtes wrote:
> I have some issues with fields that I cant seem to fix.
> I have 2 tiddlers:
> 1) *QR*
> \define QR(text)
> <img src="$text$
> ">
> \end
> <$macrocall $name="QR" text={{!!title}}/>
> 2) *QR test field*
> <$edit-text class='tc-edit-texteditor'  field='new_QR' placeholder='QR 
> text'/>
> {{!!new_QR}}
> {{!!new_QR||QR}}
> which also has a custom field of *new_QR* which contains "Hello world"
> Basically I can't seem to get the custom field *new_QR* to work with the 
> template QR
> Any tips or did I miss something?

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