I've long been searching for some bibliographic solutions within TiddlyWiki 
(search this group for bibtex and bibliography, and you'll see some threads 
I've started / contributed to over the years). 

I actually made some progress today and would welcome thoughts / 
suggestions / etc. to move this effort forward.

I am now able to import a bunch-o-references from Google Scholar into a 
JabRef dbase, export my dbase into a spreadsheet, make some modest edits, 
convert to JSON, and import into TW. 

At https://stevesunypoly.updog.co/bibtex/index.html is:

   - bibliography.html 
   <https://stevesunypoly.updog.co/bibtex/bibliography.html> - a TW with 
   100+ references directly imported from Google Scholar plus some 
   documentation about steps taken
   - first-jabref-bibtex-db.bib 
   <https://stevesunypoly.updog.co/bibtex/first-jabref-bibtex-db.bib> - my 
   jabref dbase
   - bib3.ods <https://stevesunypoly.updog.co/bibtex/bib3.ods> - export 
   from jabref to ods (spreadsheet) format
   - bib3.csv <https://stevesunypoly.updog.co/bibtex/bib3.csv> - csv
   - bib3.json <https://stevesunypoly.updog.co/bibtex/bib3.json> - json

Ideally, TW should read the .bib file directly, of course. But, one step at 
a time...

(FWIW: note use of updog.co to serve TW via Dropbox - easy, free, reliable!)


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