There’s been a rash of updates to v5.1.14 in the last 10 days, making it a good 
time to have a look at the prerelease at 

I’d like to highlight the new QR code generator plugin (installed in the 
prerelease so that you can try it out easily). I had little idea about QR codes 
before the recent correspondence here on the mailing list, but am now a 
convert. If you don’t have a QR code reader on your smartphone I’d highly 
recommend installing one to play with the prerelease.

Basically, QR codes can be used to transfer any block of text that isn’t too 
long/complicated to fit. There are conventions for passing URLs, contact 
information, wifi details etc., but there is complete freedom; one can make a 
QR code of JSON if you want (actually a bad idea as the special characters 
appear to compress badly).

The QR code plugin adds a generic macro for generating a QR code from a string, 
and also adds a couple of pre-built ways to use it:

* A new view toolbar button that displays the current tiddler as a QR code. You 
can choose from the URL of the tiddler, the raw text, or the rendered text
* Example forms for generating QR codes for contacts, wifi and generic codes

Once I’d found the library, getting the plugin up and running was surprisingly 
easy — I had the first operational version within 30 minutes of starting work. 
A good illustration of the excellent returns on the effort involved in 
integrating existing JavaScript components.

There’s a full list of changes in the release note, but I’d highlight the 
following bigger changes:

* Extended search mechanism to require the search string to be a minimum length
* New Hebrew translation, and preliminary support for RTL languages
* Improved access to plugin information:
** New “Plugins” tab in the “More” sidebar tab, listing all installed plugins
** Better display of plugin tiddlers themselves, duplicating the gadget used in 
control panel
* Fixed height of preview pane to use a scrollbar when fixed height layout is 
* Improved modals and notifications so that global macros are available
* Extended the SetWidget to allow a single result to be selected from a 
filtered result list
* Added new $:/info/url/* information tiddlers providing document location 
* Added several new filter operators for string encoding/decoding strings 
according to HTML encoding, URI encoding, regexp escaping and JavaScript string 
* Improved support for bulk loading tiddler files via tiddlywiki.files Files 
within TiddlyWikiFolders

I’d like to get v5.1.14 released in the next couple of weeks, so any 
feedback/thoughts/questions are much appreciated at this point.

As ever, thanks to everyone listed in the release note for their contributions 
to this release.

Best wishes


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