As part of my bibliography project (see previous thread,!topic/tiddlywiki/ZKiviPin72c) it occurs 
to me that I could import a structured file (a bib file) as a tiddler, and 
write macros that search for / extract records from that tiddler. Is 
something like that even possible?

Here, for example, is what a bib file with two entries might look like
  author     = {Dalgaard, Rune},
  title      = {Hypertext and the Scholarly Archive: Intertexts, Paratexts 
and Metatexts at Work},
  url        = {},
  urldate    = {2016-10-17},

  author     = {Rowan, Kyle Edward},
  title      = {Not Quite a Sunset: a hypertext opera},
  date       = {2016},
  shorttitle = {Not Quite a Sunset},
  url        = {},
  urldate    = {2016-10-17},

How could I write macros that would allow me to transclude fields/values 
from this tiddler, for example:

{{Rowan2016!!url}} to return

{{Rowan2016!!type}} to return @Article (this would be necessary to generate 
custom templates based on type)


I am still interested in parsing this file into separate tiddlers (one for 
each @), but the approach outlined above might be easier for me to handle.



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