On Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 1:48:51 AM UTC+2, Mark S. wrote:
> *Comment*: 
> Enable Import Bundle doesn't check for duplicates in the bundle. (I know, 
> it probably doesn't matter)

It's like a "log" function. If something is imported twice, it's recorded 

> *Comment*:
> If Enable Import Bundle is on AND Enable Overwrite Check is on AND you 
> change the checkboxes to let the overwrite happen, the overwritten items 
> are not added to the import.bundle tiddler.

I'll have to check this. ... but I assume we have ti "fix" the core import 
function here.

> *Question*: How are the numbers next to the bundlers listed supposed to 
> work? For instance, the example.bundle has:
> HelloThere
> // asdf
> GettingStarted
> The count is listed as 2/4 (I added in 'HelloThere'). I assume that that 
> means 2 of 4 items are ready to export. What is it counting as the 4th item?
uups, thats my fault. The "// asdf" was a test, that I forgot to remove. So 
I published it by accident. 

The "enlist"  operator makes no difference between line-break and 
white-space. So "// asdf" is counted as 2 tiddlers. 


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