On Friday, June 16, 2017 at 5:41:26 PM UTC+2, Stuart Amor wrote:
> Is there a way of making an internal link, such as [[Contents]] return the 
> caption field of the Contents tiddler (if it was available) rather than 
> title? 
> To give you some background, I am writing a collaborative document and 
> section titles are starting to become length and subject to being changed 
> or reworded.   I am therefore starting to work on a system where I am using 
> tiddler titles as a short succinct title and the caption field as the long 
> title.  

Here comes the problem. ... The "caption" field is intended (in core UI) to 
be the "short title", to be used in tabs and so on. So that's the exact 
opposite of what you probably need.  


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