On Monday, June 19, 2017 at 10:47:31 PM UTC+2, Mark S. wrote:
> The problem with Tobias' macro in this context, in addition to probable 
> performance issues (it uses both list and regex), is that it can be broken 
> if a person, for instance, clones a tiddler and forgets to update the alias 
> field. At that point a linker using his macro will pick one of 2 possible 
> sites (whichever the regex finds first) and link to it. 

Good point. ... didn't think about it. 

I did play a bit more with it and did create a new parser plugin containing 
the "uni-link" type makro. If done that way, it can be enabled and disabled 
with the TW control panel. The idea at the moment is: the plugin would 
automatically disable "prettylink"

On the other hand, if both "prettylink" and "unilink" parser are active 
"prettylink" will win, since they are sorted and executed alphabetically.

What do you think? ... Relace "prettylink" or create a new one and play an 
"enable" / "disable" settings game. 

Also @Stuart what would you prefer?

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