Please don't be afraid by the "techy" conversation here. You scratched in 
important issue, where we don't have a generic solution yet!! 


On Sunday, June 18, 2017 at 3:20:18 PM UTC+2, Mark S. wrote:
> But if it only needs to be short for menus ... just use it for menus and 
> let it be long for other things. A photo 'caption' is often long. If the 
> intention was that the content be short, there should have been a 
> 'short-title' field.
> The 'title' field is really, and unfortunately, an id field. There needs 
> to be a standard field for long, mutable descriptions. 

see: http://tiddlywiki.com/#TiddlerFields ... Be aware that it shows most 
existing fields at tiddlywiki.com the empty.html file has much less. 

There is the description field. It is already used in the plugin context 
and it's meant to be a whole paragraph, if needed.

Having a look to the TW source, imo the best field is "*subtitle*". It's 
used exactly in the way we would need it here. eg: 
$:/language/Modals/Download is a tiddler name and the "subtitle: Download 

The usecase here is: "Giving users the info they need, without confusing 
So for me that's exactly what the OP wants. And the field name imo makes 
sense too: *subtitle* .... What do you think?

have fun!

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